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How Quick-Finders Works

Want to know more about our product, how it works, and why you should have it in your home? Watch the video below to...

Rescue 2 from “Still Riding”

Rescue 2 from Still Riding   Brooklyn’s FDNY Rescue Company 2 fights a fire and discusses the nature of fear on the job in...

Wood Truss Test Burn

Wood Truss Test Burn   This video was created to help show firefighters the dangers of wood truss roof assemblies when they are exposed...

Home Fire Escape

Home Fire Escape   Safe and effective ways to escape a fire in your home. The City of Taylor, MI, Fire Department recognizes that...

Campus Fire Safety Awareness

Campus Fire Safety Awareness Day   The New York Office of Fire Prevention and Control and RPI sponsored a day of campus fire safety...

Quick-Finders | INVENTORS | PBS Digital Studios

Below is a brief video, courtesy of PBS Digital Studios, chronicles Joe Carolan and his invention of Quick-Finders. Enjoy!    


Welcome to Quick-Finders’ brand new website! Here at Quick-Finders, we’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating effect that fires can have on residential homes and the...

Quick-Finders, NJ

Quick-Finders is a proven leader in fire safety located in Rockaway, New Jersey (NJ) in Morris County. We serve the New York (NY) Metro Tri-State Area and Northern NJ. Please contact us as a trusted source for all of your fire safety needs or stop by and see in Rockaway.

Why Buy Quick-Finder?

• Keeps you and your family safe in a fire
• Helps firefighters locate you and your loved ones quicker
• Helps firefighters navigate through smoke
• Could easily save your life or your family's lives
• Inexpensive & Easy to install
• Extremely Practical

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