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How Our Product Works


Our Product Works in 4 Easy Steps:

The Quick-Finders System is quite simple really; you simply place the decal on your front door and the reflectors outside of all the bedrooms in your house. These reflectors will keep you and your family safe, because if you were to experience a fire at night (worst case scenario), the firefighters and first-responders would be able to distinguish the bedrooms in the home from other rooms, and with an instant distinction, they would be able to pull you and your loved ones to safety much quicker and before the fire spreads.
In short, this product buys you time during a fire, and with the rapidity at which a fire spreads, every second is precious.



Step #1:
Decal Installation
  • Add the decal to the front entrance door


Step #2:
Install Reflector
  • Install your Quick Finders reflector and notify your local fire department by filling out and faxing the Quick Finders Form.


Step #3:
Firefighter Guidance System
  • Have the proper tools for survival in place in the event of a fire.


Step #4:
  • By having these tools in place, you increase everyone’s chance of survival.




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Quick-Finders, NJ

Quick-Finders is a proven leader in fire safety located in Rockaway, New Jersey (NJ) in Morris County. We serve the New York (NY) Metro Tri-State Area and Northern NJ. Please contact us as a trusted source for all of your fire safety needs or stop by and see in Rockaway.

Why Buy Quick-Finder?

• Keeps you and your family safe in a fire
• Helps firefighters locate you and your loved ones quicker
• Helps firefighters navigate through smoke
• Could easily save your life or your family's lives
• Inexpensive & Easy to install
• Extremely Practical

Our Product

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